Each year, we award the ‘Dawn Moses Memorial Innovations Grant‘ to the Innovations in Education grant that best embodies the spirit of former AEF/AEEF Board Member, Dawn Moses (2005-2012). Dawn was creative, rigorous, and deeply attentive to the needs and interests of students and teachers.

Dawn’s dedication to AEF’s work was clear.   She especially advocated for sustainable, student-centered grants that encompassed alternative ways of learning.  Whether they were grants for the arts or for science, Dawn looked for grants that would inspire students in the classroom, hallways or playground.

Past Grant Acknowledgements

Unity Public Art Project: Arlington High School (2017)

The High School engaged in an interactive public art project expressing community and diversity by exploring labels used to describe ourselves and others. Learn more

Inside OUT Ottoson: This is Who We Are, Ottoson Middle School (2016)

Individual student art became part of a large-scale public art installation that reflected the Ottoson community and the values of Arlington at large. Learn more

Art. Food. Community, Thompson School (2015)

Thompson students created ceramic bowls in art class for use in a community-wide hunger awareness event to support Arlington EATS. Learn more

Studies in Shadow Puppetry, Stratton School (2014)

First graders connected science, social studies and art through an exploration of shadow puppet theater. Learn more