Dear AEF donors and community,

Despite the various challenges that our schools faced last year and continue to face this year, AEF is as committed as ever to enhancing public education in Arlington. Thanks to our generous community of donors and sponsors, AEF met its fundraising goals during the 2020-2021 school year, and we have an ambitious goal to provide over $100,000 this school year in grant funding for innovative programming in the Arlington Public Schools.

We have already begun to work with Arlington’s new superintendent, Dr. Elizabeth Homan, and are eager to fund a District Improvement Grant, which is a multi-year grant that supports systemic, long-term change in the Arlington Public Schools; as well as Development and Expansion Grants that support the development of new educational strategies in APS. We also continue to work with principals and teachers to fund their requests for Innovation Grants and Continuing Scholar Awards.

AEF has resumed its usual grant review cycle, and we are eager to start reviewing grant applications! Applications for Innovations Grants are due November 15 and April 15. Continuing Scholar Award applications are due Sept 30th, January 30th, and April 30th. We have an AEF representative at every school, and a grants committee that is eager to help teachers and APS staff learn about the grants process. Please email for more information and our representatives will respond promptly.

As we all know, this is a particularly important time to support public schools as they continue their efforts to innovate on so many fronts, and AEF is doing its best to be part of that goal. Thank you for your support of and involvement with AEF. We are in this together!


Judy Geyer
President, Arlington Education Foundation


Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) is pleased to award $7.5K for a Development and Expansion grant to Arlington Public Schools for a special discussion with APS faculty and Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, author of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, following a community event for Arlington Reads Together (ART).  

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Dear AEF donors and community,

Despite the various challenges that our schools are facing this year, from district-wide issues to individual student needs, AEF is as committed as ever to enhancing public education in Arlington. To be honest,

In July, the Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) awarded a $12,000 grant to the Arlington Public Schools to fund a course on remote learning strategies for educators. Fifty-four Arlington educators are currently enrolled in the month-long course titled Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning, offered by the Harvard School of Education. 

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The Arlington Education Foundation (AEF) has completed its spring grants cycle and has awarded a total of $10,310 in two grant categories, Innovations in Education and the Continuing Scholar Award.   “AEF is proud to continue its mission to support Arlington’s public school teachers and administrators despite the current school closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to schools re-opening and these exciting new opportunities getting underway at that time,” remarked Julia Schilling, AEF President.