At the end of 2023, AEF proudly awarded $25,465 towards the following Innovation Grants:

  • Engineering Maker Space for K-5 at Peirce, combining critical-thinking, problem-solving skills, collaboration with others.
  • Read Across America for K-5 students , bringing books to all elementary schools that support diversity and inclusion.
  • Translator Devices at AHS, to support new students, those fluent in a language other than English, and those with limited or interrupted formal eductions.
  • The Pondercast Club at AHS, providing equipment to support a newscast show and announcements for students and staff.
  • Empowering Student Voice through Microbits, in grades 3 and 4, throughout the district. Engaging students in STEAM learning using innovative, hands-on devices.
  • Backyard Youth Theatre for K and grade 2 at Thompson, providing theater games and creative workshops for “Let Your Imagination Run Wild”.
  • Multicutural Concert Series, inviting musicians from diverse cultures to demonstrate instruments, music genres, and to coach authentic styles to students.
  • Lego Spike Sets for STEAM Enrichment in grades 1-5, engaging students in hands-on investigation concepts, while building literacy, math, and social-emotional development.